From: RD11 Organizing Committee <>

Subject: RD11 / Florence 6-8.7.2011 / third bullettin

Date: 30 June 2011 15:02:37 CEST

  1. Dear Colleagues,

  2. the RD11 Conference is going to start on 6 July. In this bulletin you can find some

  3. useful information about the Conference.

  4. === Speakers.

  5. The time reserved for each talk is 20'; this includes 3' for discussion.

  6. The session chairperson will notify the speaker accordingly.

  7. The recommended file format for the presentation is PDF. We ask the speaker to check

  8. with the session chairperson the compatibility of the talk well before the scheduled

  9. time. Speakers are invited to upload their talk in advance to the "indico"

  10. agenda webpage (see "Programme" below). After autentication on the "indico" agenda

  11. each speaker is granted permissions to modify his talk and to upload slides.

  12. Should you have problems with the upload procedure, please contact us by e-mail.

  13. In any case, if you bring a copy of the presentation stored on a memory stick, it

  14. will be possible to download it directly on the conference lap-top.

  15. === Programme.

  16. The Conference indico page can be found at: <>

  17. The link to the timetable is: <>

  18. The programme, as published now, is almost final but please check anyway for small modifications.

  19. === Organ and Trumpet concert.

  20. The Conference hall is equipped with a monumental Organ. At the end of the first day an

  21. Organ-Trumpet concert of baroque music is foreseen (see indico for the concert programme).

  22. After the concert a welcome cocktail will be served.

  23. === Conference dinner.

  24. The conference dinner will be held at "Castello di Nipozzano", located on the Rufina hill

  25. about 30km East of Florence.

  26. A bus will leave at 17.30 sharp from the main Florence railway station - meeting point under the

  27. big 'digital clock' of the station. More information will be provided during the conference time.

  28. In Nipozzano we will visit the historical wine cellar of the castle.

  29. Cocktail and dinner will follow.

  30. === Conference proceedings.

  31. The papers will be eligible for publications in Proceedings of Science (PoS), subject

  32. to the usual refereeing process. Deadline for paper submission will be announced later.

  33. === WiFi connection.

  34. Wireless network connectivity will be provided on a best-effort basis.

  35. Bandwidth will be in any case limited. Connection instructions will be provided

  36. during the conference time.

  37. See you soon in Florence !

  38. The RD11 Organizing Committe